We have a tribe for everyone! What's yours?

Wander around the Visitor Centre and you’ll see some of our tribal figures. Each represents a different aspect of our work and, perhaps, a different aspect of our visitors:



More than just family cycling, this tribe is forward-thinking and has an eye on all things sustainable. You’ll find this tribe hanging out by our solar panels, for example, or exploring our eco-friendly wildlife garden.



Our nature explorers tribe- if you’re interested in finding out more about the wildlife on the reserve, often in a family friendly format, this is the tribe for you. Look out for bird-watching sessions, children’s activities like pond dipping and bug-hunting.



Water, and the way Man has used it over the last 10 thousand years is very important to this headland. Look for this tribe near or on things related to the harbour.

Dog walkers


Did you know, nearly a quarter of all visitors to this site come with a four legged friend? Look for this tribe where we’re offering dog-friendly activities or events, or where we’re telling stories relating to Man’s best friend in the area’s history.

Archer & Spear hunters


Hengistbury Head has a wonderfully rich archaeological past- look for these tribes where we’re telling stories of the people who lived here over the past 12,000 years; how they used the natural resources around them to provide for their families and community- shelter, food, water, clothing and tools.



Our cows are very popular with visitors, and what better way to introduce the work of our rangers than to have a tribal image with them herding our cows? Look for this image where the story is about managing the reserve for wildlife and for people.



This tribe may sound familiar to lots of families- it’s one for those who are most at home engaging with other people or learning through their smartphone, tablet or computer. We’re developing more and more ways to explore, learn, and discover what Hengistbury Head has to offer online, so if this tribe sounds like you or somebody you know, check back often to see what’s new.

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