The Upstairs Gallery

Welcome to the 'Upstairs Gallery' - home to our temporary exhibitions.

The Upstairs Gallery houses our temporary exhibitions. We look for works that link to Hengistbury Head: whether that be views of the local area, coastal scenes, landscapes, or wildlife.

If you're interested in exhibiting here, take a look at our exhibitor information page.

Current Exhibition

8 January - 1 March 2020: Malcolm Crocker - 'Outside the bubble - Images of the Improbable'


Malcolm has created an exciting and challenging set of images which speculate on other places in an almost endless time and space. He imagines other histories possibly involving strange life forms and he paints the landscapes and environments they might have created. It’s all imaginary but may make you think about our own plight as a sentient life form stranded on a small green planet in the immensity of our universe.

The artist will be giving at talk at Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre at 2.30pm on Sunday 23 February 2020. Download the exhibition poster.

Coming Soon

4 March - 24 May 2020: Metamorphosis: Astonishing Insect Transformations. An exhibition of photographs by Rupert Soskin.


Insects truly are the ugly ducklings of the natural world. How does something as beautiful as a butterfly begin life as little more than a fancy maggot? Or something as elegant and delicate as a lacewing hatch out looking like a minuscule escapee from a horror movie? What are the circumstances that require a creature to transform from one body shape into another, a shape that is often so utterly different from the first that you would be forgiven for thinking they were completely unrelated organisms?

This exhibition shows remarkable transformations, some of which most people could never see in a lifetime. 

Download the exhibition poster.

Further ahead

We have some interesting exhibitions planned for the coming year, we'll list these here as soon as they're finalised - or why not sign up to our mailing list to find out the latest news as soon as we have it?

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