A journey back in time some 65 million years awaits you at Hengistbury Head!

With an astonishing diversity of wildlife and 12,000 years of human occupation it’s worth taking your time to explore our exhibitions either before or after strolling around the headland.

There are many different displays in our exhibition – here is just a ‘taster’:

Ask the Expert

Find the answers to these questions in our interactive ‘ask the expert’ display:

  • How did Hengistbury Head become one of Britain’s most important ports in the Iron Age 2000 years ago?
  • Who were these ancient hunter-gatherers with bows and arrows - were they like us?
  • How did Stone Age people make fire?
  • How did our ancestors hunt large animals?
  • How do you make iron from ironstone?

Wild Watch, Live!

Don’t miss the live action on our wild watch cameras and in our aquaria.  We also have cameras watching our nesting boxes.  Peek into the world of our local birds at all times of the year.  Will you catch sight of an egg hatching or a chick flying the nest for the first time?

Our water tanks mimic the habitat of the local fresh and sea water animals and plants to give you a glimpse into what’s going on in the underwater worlds surrounding the Headland.  What will you see happening in there today?

Temporary Exhibitions

Don't forget to head to our Upstairs Gallery to discover our latest temporary exhibition! Find out what's currently on display.

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